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Genos Resources plc and the Genos Group of companies were founded to meet the challenges that Irish agriculture faces in its energy transition to a low carbon future.

Farming and farmers have been custodians of the environment for centuries.

Genos offers the solution to much of the decarbonisation and carbon accounting issues that farmers now face in the coming decades.


Our green energy arm, Genos Bioenergy, brings Irish farmers and renewable energy together into a unique long term partnership. Creating a joint National Energy and a Circular Economy Project, a first for Irish Agriculture.


As part of the Genos Green Deal we are partnering with farmers to create a brighter and more sustainable future for both our plant and farming.

We believe that farmers can be part of the solution to Climate Change and by farming smarter farmers can produce the quality produce that we all depend on for our day to day lives. 

We believe that by developing a truly circular economy that we can foster a more sustainable relationship with the land.

At Genos this is achieved by engaging with all stakeholders and developing an all inclusive solution and looking at decarbonising the entire journey of "farm-to-fork". This journey involves the entire value chain and we endeavour to demonstrate that farming can be not only carbon neutral, but in fact carbon negative. Thus allowing for farming to contribute their surplus of carbon to support their customers and the supply chain downstream.

The Genos Group includes a full circular solution; including:

  • Genos BioEnergy​​​​

    • Turning farm waste into Green Power and Green Hydrogen​

  • Genos Fertilisers

    • Offering the only NetZero Carbon Fertiliser - NutriCarbon 

  • GenosH2

    • Emissions free transport of all Genos Group logistics, as well as offering farm and third parties the opportunity to decarbonise their transport.

  • Genos Power

    • Producing green electricity which is exported to the grid to power our customers with 100% renewable energy, as well as the production of Green Hydrogen.​

  • Genos Carbon

    • The Capture, Storage and Use of captured CO2 from the Genos Group

    • Genos Carbon offers farmers the opportunity to measure and validate the carbon footprint of their farms, for the first time giving farmers a true picture of their carbon farm. ​

    • Genos Carbon Trading allows farmers to trade their carbon credits and valorise them for the first time through the Genos Voluntary Carbon Trading Scheme (GVCTS). 

  • Genos Agri

    • Genos Agri offers farmers consultancy services and alternative enterprises to make farmers Climate Ready.​

    • Genos Agri is currently developing a system which will offer farmers Genos Fertiliser "as a service", which allows farmers to map their land using Genos' proprietary mapping system and targeted fertiliser spreading service. This can substantially  reduce the amount of fertiliser required, which benefits the farmer and the environment.



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