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Join the Genos Carbon Trading Scheme

Carbon can be thought of like a crop, similar to the other crops you produce on your farm. A carbon credit (also known as a carbon offset) represents either greenhouse gases (GHG) removed from the atmosphere or greenhouse gas emissions reduced. In the case of farming, carbon credits are created based on carbon dioxide you draw down into your soil and GHG emissions you reduce above the soil (for example, through improved nitrogen timing) – beyond what was already happening on your farm.

Carbon credits operate like crops in some ways. If you produce corn to sell, the buyer will want to know the quantity and quality. Grain handlers will want to facilitate that trade by meeting those information needs. So they weigh your corn and test it for quality so the buyer can have confidence in your product.

Similarly, carbon credits measure and track the quantity of additional carbon sequestered in the soil and GHG emissions reduced. Our carbon program supports and guides you in carbon farming, and generates carbon credits through modeling, soil samples, analysis, and handling of all the paperwork with the carbon registries. We also recruit and manage a global network of carbon credit buyers, including major corporations like JPMorgan Chase, Ralph Lauren Corporation, The North Face, and Barclays.

What makes a carbon credit valuable?

A carbon credit must be real, additional, and permanent, as well as independently verified and uniquely claimed.

  • Real: Credits are generated through complete, accurate, and thorough accounting methods.

  • Additional: The credit leads to GHG reductions that would not have happened without the incentive provided by the carbon market.

  • Permanent: The changes in the project's carbon stock represent a permanent change in the net soil carbon pool.

  • Independently Verified: Project methods, data, and reports undergo rigorous third-party auditing prior to issuing credits.

  • Uniquely Claimed: Credits are owned by one entity at a time, from creation to retirement.


Because Carbon by Genos Carbon will be the ONLY registry-approved agri carbon program at scale, carbon credit buyers are willing to pay premium prices for our premium credits. This is important for farmers who want to generate top prices for their carbon farming.

How much will I get paid?

Demand for agriculture-based carbon credits has accelerated over the last year, which is why Carbon by Genos Carbon is pleased to offer growers the security of a price floor, plus unlimited upside as the price rises. 


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